Are you fed up with feeling exhausted, lost, confused and stressed? Do you find yourself feeling frustrated, overwhelmed and stuck in a rut?

Are you ready to take control of your career, life, and your wellbeing? To have confidence, feel inspired, , energised and happy once again?

Welcome, I’m Lucy. I help you gain clarity and take control of your career, health and happiness through my 90 day Career And Life Rejuvenated Coaching Program.

So you have a career and life you love.

Here is how I can help you get unstuck and feel healthy, happy and in control of your career and wellbeing

Career And Wellbeing Coaching

Get clarity on what happiness, joyful living, success and fulfilment looks like with my one to one 90 day Career And Life Rejuvenated Coaching Program.

With my support you will identify what is currently going on in your life and your career, where you want to be 90 days from now and then the steps on how to get there. To live a healthy, happy and fulfilled life.


Life is busy! We can be left feeling tired, stressed, exhausted and depleted. Take time out to prioritise your mental, physical and spiritual wellbeing with my private and group yoga classes, workshops and retreats.

Is fear holding you back from having a career and life you love?

Do you want to learn how to overcome your fear in 4 simple steps? Pop your details in here and I’ll send you my free e-learning video to show you how this is possible.


An opportunity to take some time out from everyday life and nurture your soul through yoga, relaxation practices and lovely healthy food. Connecting with nature and new people to leave you feeling calmer, more energised and uplifted.

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